Review: Sam Beeton – Record Club 2 Volume 1 – Call Me The Loner / Something Out Of Nothing

One of the best decisions I made all year was to sign up to Sam Beeton‘s unique Record Club.  Rather than succumb to the industry standard of release an album and tour, Sam has taken it upon himself to challenge his creativity by constant writing and recording.  Throughout the course of the next year he will be tasked with releasing at least one new song to his Record Club members every month.

To catch up on what Sam did in Season 1 of the Record Club I strongly suggest picking up the double cd of all last years songs from here:

Recommended listening on that cd include Storyteller, No End In Sight and the free song ‘Rain Down On You’ that Sam kindly did an exclusive performance a couple of months ago when he was in Cornwall on tour with Charlie Simpson.  To get the free song just sign up to Sam’s mailing list.

Onto the new offering that dropped on the doormat the other day with 2 brand new songs:

1. Call Me The Loner
2. Something Out Of Nothing

Both glorious songs with Sam’s unique voice a heady mix of Bob Dylan, Jason Mraz and Paul Simon, giving a classic sound a contemporary twist.  Sam sounding just as good backed by a full band set up as he does when it’s just him and his (my cough!) beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar.

Here’s the man himself to give a bit of an intro and perform the track Call Me the Loner.

To subscribe to the Record Club head to and follow the instructions.  Full UK cost is £15 including postage for 12 signed individual CD’s…..that’s amazing value now isn’t it.

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