Live Review: The Temper Trap – Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 090512

Another fabulous band at the Princess Pavilion, there really is no stopping the promoters like SW1 Productions this year.  Already have we been treated to the likes of Reel Big Fish, Pete Murray, Maverick Sabre, Charlie Simpson, Newton Faulkner amongst others this year, but possible the one to top them all so far is Aussie act The Temper Trap.  This band is so much more than just Sweet Disposition (although it is a real belting tune), what sets them apart is singer Dougy Mandagi’s incredible vocal range as well as the multi-instrumental talent’s of the rest of the band Lorenzo Sillito, Jonathon Aherne, Toby Dundas and Joseph Greer.

From the relative emptiness of the stage the last time we were at the Pavilion for Newton Faulkner (the stage, not the venue) I don’t think you could have fitted any more equipment on the stage for The Temper Trap’s performance.  The lighting rig was a thing of beauty, and performed admirably throughout.  There were keyboard’s galore, guitars on stands, huge ranging pedal boards and the odd single drum for when Dougy felt percussive.

There seemed to be an air of a band on the verge of really hitting the big time (not that what they have achieved already isn’t pretty spectacular).  The sound check was the most unique I think I’ve ever witnessed, with a voice in the sky (Not really, probably from the mixing desk) co-ordinating the happenings onstage rather than the usual roadies multi tasking and reporting back.

The band took their places to a warm reception, with Dougy delaying his entrance for a rapturous applause.  Being the first night of the tour in the UK they’re already well practised having been stateside for the best part of a month so no ring rustiness here.  Having had a gander at the set list whilst waiting in the pit, I was surprised by just how many new songs there were on offer considering their second self titled album doesn’t drop until midway through this tour.  It’s always a gamble to over stoke the set list with newbie’s as the atmosphere will always be muted and the danger of losing the crowd altogether always exists.  On the flipside there is always the esteemed privilege of being the first audience in the UK to be treated to the new batch of songs.  Swings and roundabouts I tell you!!!

As expected really the crowd went wild for material from ‘Conditions’, and were respectfully appreciative of the new material….which seem to be a bit toned down and slightly more chilled than the debut offering but obviously it all needs extended listening to be able to fairly judge.

Highlights of the set were ‘Need Your Love’ which has obviously been around long enough now to be well know ‘Love Lost’, ‘Science Of Fear’ and no surprises  ‘Sweet Disposition’ to which the roof almost lifted off.  The band departed a sold out auditorium to the cheer of heroes, we can only sit and wait to see if they ever come back to our beautiful county, which they’ll not have seen due to the copious amounts of fog.

Set List:
Need Your Love
Love Lost
The Sea is Calling
Rabbit Hole
Down River
This Isn’t Happiness
Trembling Hands
Science Of Fear
Drum Song

Soldier On
I’m Gonna Wait
Sweet Disposition

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