Live Review: Brother & Bones – B-Side @ Bunters, Truro 4/5/12

Ben Howard what on God’s green earth were you thinking taking Brother & Bones out on tour with you???? Who in the world would want to be the next band on stage after them?

Brother & Bones left the stage about half an hour ago after absolutely decimating a very partizan home-crowd at the home of real music in Cornwall B-Side @ Bunters.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd so much on a bands side from the onset of a gig.   This certainly helped the band settle into their grove from the start, displaying a consummate level of musicianship that most players strive for but only a select few achieve.   Both on and off stage it was a frenzy with crowd surfers galore, which later manifested itself into a full-scale collapse onto the stage as the band drew towards the end of their set.

Rich Thomas, an incredible front man certainly wears his heart on his sleeve, the passion the this guy emits through his vocals is mind-blowing but it’s also the way he plays his guitar….acoustics certainly weren’t made for this, yet he pulls it off completely.  As I was standing about a foot away from him for the entire gig I got a lesson in how to ‘Slap Your Bass’ from Si Robinson.  Not only does he have mad skills, but his energy is unbridled.  Constantly bouncing about his allotted space on the new Bunters stage, I though he’d have my eye out with the headstock of his lovely Musicman bass on more than one occasion.  Everyone looked as though they were having the times of their lives.  Those in attendance tonight witnessed a major bit of history in the journey of this great band to what can only be assumed bigger and better things.

For a band with the talent and uniqueness of Brother & Bones not to go on and be a major player like Ben Howard or Mumford & Sons would be a musical travesty.  I for one can’t wait until Leopallooza, but I’d be scared shitless if I was the band that followed these guys.

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