EP Review: Moriaty – The Lord Blackwood EP

Every now and then you happen upon a band that stops you in your tracks.  It’s a rare moment and always an absolute joy.  These moments last forever.  I’ll always remember the first time I heard the likes of The Beatles, Nirvana, Oasis…you get the picture.  Now while not quite in the realms of that heady company just yet, blossoming Devon duo Moriaty gave me one of those moments a few weeks ago when I saw them play at Bunters alongside Wet Nuns and The Sea in a night of 2-piece only acts.  It just so happens I saw a lot of one of my favourite bands (The Black Keys) in Moriaty.  Playing live they have such an impressive wall of sound that hits you like a rampaging herd of wildebeest.  It’s dirty, fuzzed to the eyeballs with romping ball breakingly handsome blues riffs a-plenty, tied down with genius percussion, slick vocals and snazzy suits.

Committed to disc the fervor of the live show diminishes somewhat as would totally be expected but it’s still a mighty impressive debut.  The Sherlock Holmes themed title ‘The Lord Blackwood EP‘ plays nicely with the band’s name, and is a showcase in 4 songs what this band is capable of.  The prospect of what might be on the horizon for Moriaty is mouth-watering.  Not only do they cover the territory trod by bands like ‘TBK’ and The White Stripes but such is the versatility Moriaty they even have the chops to pull off southern rock styles a-la Kings Of Leon in the gorgeous ‘One For The Mothers‘.

I’m getting ahead of myself let’s go back to the beginning with the opening and title track ‘Lord Blackwood‘.  It’s a face melter live and the studio version pulls no punches either.  Straight into Jack White territory with a great intro the song is un-relentless with pounding drums, killer hooks and an underlying rhythm that draws you in before going for the jugular. 

The pace is slowed for a brief moment with second track ‘No Shoes‘ but don’t let your guard down as this one still oozes quality and the chorus is a happy marriage of their southern rock and fuzzed up influences.

Back to face melting again for ‘Caddyshack (I Won’t Miss You) throughout it has a great choppy beat to it which stomps along like an angry Corinshman at a barn dance.

The afore-mentioned ‘One For The Mothers‘ brings the EP to a close in style.  The diversity on offer within this offering is impressive, but it’s the continuity on show despite the differing styles that lifts it above the ordinary run of the mill bands that would be happy with just one sound.

Moriaty….I like the cut of your jib boys, keep it up and here’s looking forward to the next EP which hopefully won’t be too long in the making.

1. Lord Blackwood
2. No Shoes
3. Caddyshack (I Won’t Miss You)
4. One For The Mothers

You can keep tabs on Moriaty at their FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/moriatysounds

The EP is available on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lord-blackwood-ep/id458527064

Here’s a few videos we shot of Moriaty at Bunters along with their official videos.  Please have a watch and make sure you support this fantastic LOCAL band.

Caddyshack live at B-Side @ Bunters, Truro

Tell Me live at B-Side @ Bunters, Truro

One For The Mothers – Moriaty official video (filmed the day of the Bunters gig!)

Jealousmotherfucker (New Song) live at B-Side @ Bunters, Truro

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