EP Review: The People The Poet – Thank You For Today

Ok, so you’re a burgeoning rock act hailing from creativity central for your genre ie. South Wales.  You’ve taken your time, gradually built up a loyal fanbase, toured with lots of bands, played a few festivals, got a name for yourself as one of ‘The Next Big Things’ to come out of a region that has given us the likes of LostProphets, Funeral For A Friend, Attack! Attack!, The Blackout, Straight Lines…..I could go on.  What’s the one thing you don’t do?  Change your name and start writing folk music?  Yeah, sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it???  Well that’s exactly what Tiger Please did at the back-end of January. 

Here’s how they broke the news to their fans:

Just over a year ago, Tiger Please began writing our debut album after being together since 2008.We decided that we wanted to write an album based on real-life stories and experiences requested and received from fans and friends across the country. It seemed such a simple idea at the time, but soon it spiralled into something which has taken over our lives.

When we started Tiger Please back in 2008, we were just 5 guys hoping to write some good music and inspire people the way that our favourite bands inspired us; but mainly we just wanted to have a good time. We’ve achieved many things as a band that we are very proud of, and gained many loyal fans who have inspired us to be the band we are today – but taking on the task of the album has become something bigger than just the 5 of us.

We are now representing the stories of other people, and it has become our responsibility to capture the emotions that they’ve been through, in the hope of helping others who may be going through the same situations. The people that have welcomed us into their lives have made us laugh, cry, and inspired us with their life stories. They have also put their trust in our hands, which has meant so much to us.

This responsibility has forced us to grow as people and musicians , and we no longer feel that we can tell these stories under the name of ‘Tiger Please’.

This brings us to the announcement that we shall no longer be carrying on under the name ‘Tiger Please’, but we will be continuing this journey – as ‘the People the Poet’.

It’s sad to part with a name which we’ve seen so much success with, but we hope you will understand why we felt it was the right time for the change. This is more than just a simple change of a name – it is a tribute to the people who have trusted us with their stories, our fans.A band would be nothing without the people who turn up to the shows or listen to their music, and OUR songs would be nothing without the experiences in YOUR lives which are written in song or poem.A lot of bands say ‘our band would be nothing without our fans’.In our case – that is literally true.These songs are your stories.You are our band.

The band has also grown beyond the 5 of us, musically and instrumentally.During this year of writing and demoing the record, we’ve had the privilege of having some amazing musicians contribute their talents to our songs/your stories.We’re very blessed to have these people as part of our record and our live shows – and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

So with the release this week of their debut EP as TPTP ‘Thank You For Today’ it was with great anticipation and a little bit of trepidation that I put the EP on for a first listen.  Now let me start by saying I have huge respect for TPTP, what they did was a very gutsy move that could well have backfired on them, but on the showing of ‘Thank You For Today’ they have made totally the right decision.  The 4 tracks contained within the EP are a showcase in songwriting aimed at touching the hearts of their fans new and old.  The lyrical content based around fan submissions is tied together wonderfully with beautiful guitars and haunting vocals.  Ep’s have a danger of being throw away listening due to lack of material or not enough depth contained within, this one will live long on the stereo however while I silently yearn for more from this wonderful band.

Here’s a taster of what’s in store:

To order the EP head over here: http://thepeoplethepoet.bandcamp.com/

Facebook the guys here: https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplethepoet



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