Solace – Call & Response album artwork revealed.

I’m pretty excited to see that the release of “Call & Response” – the debut solo outing from Misery Signals’ head bellower Karl Schubach – is getting closer. It’s been a long time in post production, but with the album artwork revealed,  it appears we may not have to wait much longer! Check out “Dead Man’s Curve” here:

Karl has arguably the best dirty voice in metal. From the first time I heard Misery Signals’ “Mirrors”, I was hooked, so to hear the arrival of his solo project is imminent, is news that has made all of my hair fall out.

For those eager to hear more, you’ll have to wait, but Karl has lent his voice to Brighton’s own bruisers “The Divided” on the title track of their forthcoming EP “For Tonight We’re Strangers”, which is out on the 24th March. Check it out here;

It’s a huge beast of a track, I’ll review the EP shortly. The Divided are on tour in May, check out the dates and other tracks on their facespace page. You can pre-order the EP here too, which I suggest you do, as it’s shaping up to be a beauty.

Words: Chris Soden

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