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New Found Glory - Kerrang tour Jordan Cyrus

Live Review: Kerrang Tour – New Found Glory, The Blackout, letlive, While She Sleeps @ Cardiff Great Hall (Students Union) 11/2/12

It was with great excitement I got to revisit the place of my mis-spent youth, and also to witness one of my favourite bands ever at work.  I lived in Cardiff for the best part of 6 years and have many fond memories of great gigs in The Great Hall A.K.A Cardiff Student’s Union.  As well as trying to remain a tad professional I was determined to cut loose and what better way than the Kerrang Tour.  With great disappointment Sum 41 dropped out in January to be replaced by The Blackout, and although not a total home gig the distance from Cardiff to Merthyr is negligible so it will henceforth be classed as one.  Have to admit I didn’t know an awful lot about the other two bands on the bill, and due to the gig kicking off at ridiculous o’clock I missed the better part of While She Sleeps set due in part to my inability to get to any gig on time and also down to the fact that Cardiff’s 2 main roads around studentville don’t appear to have any Indian sit-down restaurants on them so the walk back from one we did find was huge.

Onto the gig….While She Sleeps, well as I just covered I didn’t get to see a whole lot of their set so it would be unfair of me to have an opinion either way.  They were loud (duh!) and the crowd that were able to get to the venue on time seemed to appreciate them wholeheartedly.

letlive I have to say were a complete surprise, and I’m still not entirely sure what it was that I witnessed.  It was either a complete car crash, or the most exuberant performance I’ve ever set eyes on.  The reason for this confusion is down to one entity (yes entity, as I’m also not entirely sure he’s a real person) frontman Jason Butler.  Imagine if you will the Tasmanian Devil (Taz in the cartoons not the real animal) in full whirlwind mode.  Now give the same Taz (still in whirlwind mode) a whole heap of white stuff that the police would lock you up for possessing, and you’re getting close to Butler’s performance, a screaming, singing ball of rage, enthusiasm, passion etc etc.  He was everywhere….on the floor, in the air, under the stage, in the crowd, not for a second did he stay still.  It was exhilarating and tiring to watch, the biggest asset they have which is obviously this guy, but it somewhat detracts from the music.  Especially if you aren’t familiar with them and want to take it all in, you can’t help yourself but watch Butler go for it.  I would certainly advise everyone who likes a bit of metal to go see these guys as if all else fails he’s an absolute treat to watch perform.  After visiting their band page on FB after the gig, I can confirm they have some real quality tunes and remind me a lot of Sevendust, so for now I’ll fall on the side of the fence that said I really enjoyed them.

The Blackout, hummmm for a long time I always regarded them as a poor mans LostProphets, but I’ll happily admit I was totally wrong.  I made up a compilation on CD of the set the boys were going to play and immersed myself in it on the rather long drive from Cornwall to Cardiff, and I’m glad I did. 

The Blackout really picked up the mantle as one of Wales’ finest exports, and have matured into a great band with some fantastic tunes.  It’s fair to say any band playing in their hometown is going to step it up a notch and The Blackout didn’t disappoint. 

It’s the second time the boys have played this tour so it’s no surprise that they looked totally comfortable and confident in front of a crowd that’s so familiar with them.  Dual vocalists Sean Smith and Gavin Butler combine brilliantly on-stage bouncing about the place with irrepressible enthusiasm, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  It was nice to see them recognise Sum 41 with a cover of ‘Fat Lip’ which went down a real treat, the band having as much fun playing it as the audience were hearing it. 

 There was a lot of love on both sides of the barrier, it’s easy to see why this band has endeared themselves into the hearts of many. 

They had big boots to fill with the band they replaced, and no doubt Sum 41 would have shifted a lot of the tickets alone for tonight’s performance, but I think they pulled it off and did a stellar job.

Cometh the hour, cometh the band, New Found Glory, the undisputed kings of Pop Punk blasted onto the stage with the classic ‘All Downhill From Here’ and never looked back.  Although technically touring their new album ‘Radiosurgery’ there were only a few tracks off that included in this set. 

Probably even more surprising than that was that given the huge back catalogue they have to pull from, the set was littered with covers.  Now anyone who knows NFG also knows they are also the kings of covers, their 2 from the screen to the stereo albums have proven most popular but I think any fan would have traded ‘Blitzkreig Bop’ for ‘It Never Snows In Florida’ and ‘Kiss Me’ for ‘Dig My Own Grave’ and even though it was a belter ‘Basket Case’ for ‘The Story So Far’.  Saying that the covers in no way detracted from everyone’s enjoyment, and to say the atmosphere was electric throughout would be a gross understatement. 

Personal favourites were ‘Failure’s Not Flattering’, ‘Dressed To Kill’ and closing anthem ‘My Friends Over You’.  While totally taking me back to wild gigs on their first tour over here, and an amazing night at Bristol Academy when they toured ‘Sticks and Stones’ with Finch and The Starting Line, New Found Glory remain a stalwart of my current listening catalogue and a total highlight of my gigging calendar. 

It’s great to see the band still on top of their game and to see them constantly picking up newer young fans assures me that they’ll be around for a long time to come.

Clean Slate Music Albums of the Year: 24-15

Clean Slate Music Albums of 2011: 24-15

The list continues:

24. Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

A solid album with the magic Coldplay touch.  But the same problem exists here as in their last 3 albums nothing is as good as on their first 2 albums.

23. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

This one would probably have been higher if I had listened to it more.  A great album and deserving of the Mercury Music Prize looking at what the other nominees produced.

22. Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones

As above, would have been higher if it’d been given more of a listen, but other albums edged this one out in terms of listenability.

21. The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar

Saw these guys in May supporting the Manics in Cardiff.  They make a great racket, slightly clichéd live show with the instrument smashing etc (how 1992) Have a feeling the bands second album will be sensational.

20. Guillemots – Walk The River

It didn’t have the energy of Red, but it added a new dimension to the Guillemots.  And let’s face it not many singers in the UK can match Fyfe Dangerfield’s beautiful tones.

19. The Black Keys – El Camino

It’s only just out and for this keeps it lower down the order, but The Black Keys just know how to deliver.  It’s a bit poppier than the dirty blues soaked Brothers but still as infectious as ever.

18. Noel Gallagher – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

The album we all wanted from the Chief.  Some complain that it sounds like Oasis, but why wouldn’t it, as NG penned all the songs that matter for them.  He’s not going to change his style to go solo.

17. New Found Glory – Radiosurgery

The Florida pop punk quintet return once again to show the world how it’s done.  Keeping the same formula as Not Without A Fight in returning to their core sound there are no real surprises here, but it’s still a gem of an album.

16. Adele – 21

There’s no denying Adele’s second album was an absolute triumph.  Some will hate her just because she’s popular, but what a voice and she seems to have found her true sound.

15. Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

Devon’s own Ben Howard delivered a great debut, full of many familiar songs if you’ve seen him over the past 2 years.  If the size of venue for his next tour is anything to go by, people are loving his work.

Album collage

Upcoming Album Releases – Autumn 2011

The end of the year is drawing near, and is typically the time when our favourite bands hit the road on tour.  A lot of them will also be promoting new material so we take a look at the upcoming months biggest releases.

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Title: +

Release date – 12/9/11

With a ridiculous amount of hits of his Youtube videos, Sheeran’s sound is very marketable.   Ed also heads out on a Sold Out tour at the beginning of October.  Dates include a gig at our very own Princess Pavillion in Falmouth on the 5th of October.

Artist: Marcus Foster

Title: Nameless Path

Release Date: 26/9/11

Already reviewed here on Clean Slate.  This is a masterpiece and surely worth some of your hard-earned pound notes.  Catch Marcus at the Acoustica Festival in Exeter on the 16/9/11.

Artist: Kasabian

Title: Velociraptor!

Release Date: 19/9/11

The Leicester rockers release their highly anticipated fourth album this month before heading out on a huge arena tour beginning in Brighton on November 28th and ending with 2 nights at th O2 on the 14th & 15th December.

Artist: Ben Howard

Title: Every Kingdom

Release Date: 3/10/11

Devon born troubadour Ben Howard will surely wow the world with his debut release.  His laid back tunes however would surely have suited an early summer release as this is perfect sunny day music.  Catch Ben at the Princess Pavilion on the 10th October this has just been confirmed as a sell out.

Artist: You Me At Six

Title: Sinners Never Sleep

Release Date: 3/10/11

Kerrang award winners for Best New Band follow-up their smash hit ‘Hold Me Down’ with their 3rd album ‘Sinners Never Sleep.  First single titled ‘Loverboy’ is released on September 25th.  The band head out on tour 8-15th October ending in an almighty show at Brixton Academy.

Artist: Coldplay

Title: Mylo Xyloto

Release Date: 24/10/11

The world waits with bated breath for surely the biggest album release of the year.  I for one hope it’s great as, although I love the band I don’t think they’ve made a great album since ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’.  No tours announced yet but expect something big in the summer of 2012.

Artist: James Morrison

Title: The Awakening

Release Date: 26/9/11

Cornwall’s own James Morrison releases his 3rd album this month.  Heralded as a coming of age album drawing off recent highs and lows in his life, if new single ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ is anything to go by, this will certainly be a cracker.

Artist: Noel Gallagher

Title: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Release Date: 17/10/11

From the second Oasis split up, it was always Noel Gallagher’s work that I was looking forward to.  So with the forthcoming release of his debut album we will all see if it’s been worth the wait.  The first track off the album ‘The Death Of You And Me’ suggests he’s not tinkered a whole lot with his writing style.  If you’ve got a ticket to his forthcoming tour well done, for those who haven’t there’s always eBay or next time.

Artist: Blink 182

Album: Neighborhoods

Release Date: 26/9/11

Back after their acrimonious hiatus.  You always wondered if they’d still be relevant or were they just doing it for the cash.  After hearing new single ‘Up All Night’ it’s a more mature Blink 182, you suspect gone will be the dick and fart jokes onstage, but they still sound amazing.  As a trio they just work.  Blink are notorious for cancelling UK tours and I think this summers scheduled UK tour was the 3rd in 10 years that they have either cancelled outright or rescheduled.  Their summer tour is now planned for 2012.

Artist: Florence and The Machine

Title: TBC

Release Date: 7/11/11

A big task and the difficult second album for Florence & co to tackle.  With a release date looming and no title or confirmed artwork, one can assume they are playing their cards very close to their chests.  ‘What The Water Gave Me’ is the first track from the album to be released, and isn’t a huge departure from their original sound, but it isn’t particularly ground breaking material.  No current tour news, expect a big one in 2012.

Artist: New Found Glory

Title: Radiosurgery

Release: 3/10/11

The undisputed kings of Pop Punk return with their new album ‘Radiosurgery’.  They’ve just laid waste to the UK on tour and expect them to return in 2012 to do the same on a bigger scale.  My own pick as album of 2012, but I’m biased.