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The King Hats - First Light EP cover

EP Review: The King Hats – First Light (Mantelpiece Recordings)

I came across The King Hats while searching associated artists of bands like Twin Atlantic, Lightguides etc.  I’m rather glad I did.  While most bands in Scotland seem to (quite rightly) taking their cue from bands like Biffy Clyro, these boys are producing raw indie rock that’s more reminiscent of Idlewild when they first burst onto the scene with Captain and Hope Is Important.

Recorded in the band’s flat, that low-fi sound really rings though and suits the style of music they are trying to create down to a tee.  A combination of sharp lyrics, killer hooks and driving rhythms fuel the majority of tracks with the relentless pace only dropping occasionally.

‘Victoria’s Secret’, the first track on the EP is absolutely HUGE, it cleverly draws the listener in to a false sense of security with its relatively softly paced opening intro and first verse before it all kicks off.  The track is a beautiful mix of this suppressed melodic verse and full on indie punk during the mantra like choruses.  It’ll only take a few listens before you’re screaming out “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME”.

The pace is kept up with ‘I Smell A Rat’, again a great contrast with the frantic guitars and Lead Singer Alan Power’s almost lackadaisical vocals which get more energetic as the track evolves.

‘Happy New Year’ relates an incident that happened to Power the night before New Year, when he was found naked on the bathroom floor by his (then) girlfriend after passing out from over indulgence.  The song is an homage to her for saving his life.

‘It Feels Like I’m Falling’ has a wonderful pace to it, and starts off with a brief respite from the previous songs onslaught….it doesn’t last long though before we’re off again.  As with the first track it’s a great mixed bag of subdued bubbling under verse to stomp on the overdrive pedal and hang your balls out loud chorus.

Slightly more downbeat than the previous tracks on the EP but with no less vitriol.  Full of angst, crashing drums and slamming guitars this is how to close your debut EP.

And that’s it……oh wait, not it’s not.  If you buy the CD version of the EP you will be treated to 2 more tracks.  ‘Brand New’ and ‘Time in Japan’.  I’m going to keep my thoughts on these a secret, to hopefully encourage you to go and buy it :)

Rating: 9/10
Best Track: It Feels Like I’m Falling
For Fans of: Idlewild, Reuben, The Xcerts, (early) Green Day


1. Victoria’s Secret
2. I Smell A Rat
3. Happy New Year
4. It Feels Like I’m Falling
5. 6/8
6. Brand New*
7. Time In Japan*
(*CD only bonus tracks)

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