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Emily & The Woods - Cornish tour dates 2014

Emily & The Woods announce 3 Cornish Dates + Exclusive Streamed Track

Emily & The Woods - Cornish tour dates 2014

Our buds Emily & The Woods have announced 3 Cornish dates at the end of May.

E&TW will play:

Thursday 22 May – The Nightjar, Truro

Friday 23 May – The Watering Hole, Perranporth

Saturday 25 May – The Gylly Beach Café, Falmouth

All shows are FREE entry. This is a band you really should not miss.

We are also delighted to have an exclusive stream of one of their finest tracks ‘Doorstep’ which is taken off the band’s new EP ‘Then We Collide’ which was released in January.

Sermanni Sleep Header

Inc. Performance – Rachel Sermanni ‘Sleep’ feat. Mo Kenney

Sermanni Sleep Header

We had the very great pleasure of an afternoon’s filming with the brilliant Rachel Sermanni and Mo Kenney last month.  While most of the films shot were handed over to Folk Radio to put out I’ve snagged this one which is a real treat on the ears.

The rest of the performances are also below, but for now, please enjoy ‘Sleep’ by Rachel Sermanni featuring Mo Kenney


The remaining captured performances are:

‘Dancing’ – Mo Kenney feat. Rachel Sermanni

‘Sucker’ – Mo Kenney

‘Everything Changes’ – Rachel Sermanni

It was a pleasure to work with these fine musicians.  We are already looking forward to seeing them again soon.


Brother & Bones © Andy Soden - Clean Slate Music

Brother & Bones – Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 010314

Brother & Bones © Andy Soden - Clean Slate Music
Brother & Bones © Andy Soden – Clean Slate Music

This show has been a long time coming, and what a sight it was to see a sold out crowd for a band that has worked so hard for the last few years.  Relentless gigging, an incredible live show and face melting material have combined to start the Brother & Bones assault on greatness.

I thought the Pavilion show might have happened last year when B&B opted to return to Bunters, but in waiting another 9 months to move up in venue size it actually proved to be the perfect time.  Recently returning to the UK on the back of a sold out run of shows in Europe, a recent appearance on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show and with 2 support slots to come for Bastille there’s a buzz about Brother & Bones that is getting louder and louder every week.  B&B have always been mentioned in the same breath as Ben Howard, due to their close connection, but they’re well and truly standing alone and for all the right reasons now.

More on that lot in a bit.  First up were a band I’d heard about a while back when they were a trio, but hadn’t ever got round to seeing them before; Sound of the Sirens.  A Devonshire duo whose voices blend together beautifully.  Not knowing their material it was hard to connect with their set due to the rather vocal crowd who seemed content in moving in from the bar but hadn’t remembered to finish their conversations.  It was NOISY!.  There’s a time-honoured lack of respect for the support bands, but if you don’t want to watch them; there’s the bar….stay there until the band you do want to watch comes on.  It’s a big night for them too and it’s totally disrespectful.

The same held true for the second support band; Sam Williams and the Flock of Bats.  Also being a duo, and a subtle one at that, they struggled to play over the noise.  Luckily knowing Sam’s material it was heaps easier to follow.  No amount of noise could wipe the smile off Sam and Joe’s faces though.  Those that were at the gig to listen to music were treated to a little slice of magic from one of Cornwall’s brightest talents.  Highlight as usual with SWATFOB was the excellent ‘Submarine’ and ‘Hollow’, but there was new material aired too with the current working title of ‘New Song’ :) A night they will never forget.

Brother & Bones entered to a now fully switched on crowd ready to go wild.  Kicking off with ‘Raining Stone’ it gave everyone a nice chance to settle in to the moment.  Gone seem to be the sets where B&B tear straight into the loud shit, they make you wait for it now, to savour every single moment before going mental.  The end results paid dividends as time would tell. Teasing upping the tempo with what can now be referred to as an oldie ‘Hold Me Like The Sun’  ‘For All We Know’ prompted a huge sing-song which didn’t abate throughout ‘Gold & Silver’.  The screw was tightened with ‘To Be Alive’ a song made for the huge arenas and stadiums which the boys are surely destined to fill in the future.  That got the Pavilion rocking Bunters style….alas no crowd collapses on the stage.  Another old favourite ‘Man In Need’ delighted the die hards who well and truly had their stomp on.  Chucking in 2 graciously received newbies titled ‘Kerosene Love’ and ‘Omaha’ before well and truly blowing the roof off with the face melters ‘Back To Shore’ and ‘I See Red’.  Departing for a breather, the audience was baying for more, to which they were richly rewarded when the boys returned on-stage with 3 final knock out punches.  Another teaser for material for the début album in ‘If I Belong’…a great tune which builds to an epic finale, before the one everyone was waiting for.  The venue erupted when the opening bars of ‘Don’t Forget to Pray’ fell out of Rich’s guitar, closing the show in a mirror image of their Bunters show 2 years ago they left the stage to a rousing rendition of ‘Your Revolution’ and that was that.

For a band that is yet to release an album, it is a testament to the quality of their 4 EP’s worth of material, and the epic live show they put on that they can already fill a 600 capacity venue.  Ok, it’s a home show, and we’ve always been particularly partisan where Brother & Bones are concerned, but none the less your hat has to be doffed in their direction.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better band live, and I’ve seen a fuck load of bands live……Godspeed Brother & Bones, you boys fully deserve all the success that’s coming your way…..


Gig Announcement: Brother & Bones – Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 1/3/14

Brother & Bones - Bunters 2013 21

2013 has been an amazing year for our band of 2012 Brother & Bones.  Having released the incredible ‘To Be Alive’ EP this Autumn and toured every inch of our fair island it all seems to be coming together…..told you so :P

The one I’ve been hoping for the boys has finally come to glorious fruition, a headline gig at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth, just days before they head to the Plymouth Pavilions to support our mates in Bastille for a huge show.

This is another artist that our lovely local promoters SW1 Productions have nurtured from the start, and there’s no reason why Brother & Bones can’t go on to be as big if not bigger than prodigal son Ben Howard.

Tickets are on sale today and are available here: http://www.brotherandbones.com/live/events/1-mar-14-brother–bones–princess-pavilion/

Come and support a fabulous band, it should be a corker of a show.

Check out our huge gallery of Brother & Bones shows in the past

Ash - Princess Pavilions 8

Photo Gallery – ASH, Bleech & Even Nine – Princess Pavilion 310713

Ash - Princess Pavilions 7

Ash, Bleech and Even Nine rocked the Princess Pavilion last week.  It was great to see a huge band from my days as a young lad in an intimate venue.  Big love to SW1 for putting on yet another fine gig in Cornwall…..what would we do without you.

Enjoy the pics.